Wednesday, June 17, 2009

bugs, wonderful models.

Flowers are undoubtedly beautiful. No question in that.
But, when there's "someone" there, they become beautiful and interesting, at least for me!
Some are creepy critters but others are simply adorable.
Here are some of my favorite ones.
Ladybugs are a must, so round and playful.
These are playful too! They make a beautiful love scene.
love is in the air...
Others are so ugly that they become pretty on flowers.
i'm the queen of flowers
Flying ones are so delicate!
And what about the colors? Look at this electric green! Awesome color.
Sunday: flowers and bugs
All you need is a macro lens, although any lens would do, just cropping later, and patience.
A very blurry background will add interest to the shot, isolating the object we want to emphasize. Make your depth of field short, by choosing the smallest f number
Hope you liked my favorite insects!
Have a nice week, everybody.

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