Wednesday, October 12, 2011

I ♥ autumn

I do, I love autumn.
It is the colors of the leaves, it is the light, it is the smell of wet soil. It is everything in autumn.
Every tree shows its best tones, every leaf gets dressed for the last dance before fall. And it is great, it is gorgeous display of luxurious outfit.
Yes, I love autumn.
two survivors

autumn. heal.


rainy days

autumn light.


  1. And I love your photos! The second is s lovely mix of shapes and colours with depth. Beautiful Ana.

  2. All so beautiful Ana! I think my favorite is the one with "love" spelled out in leaves.

  3. Beautiful colors! I love the second last one especially :)

  4. The colors and presentation in all these photos is fantastic.

    I love what you've created with the second image.

  5. Beautiful. I have always loved autumn, but seeing these photos, I love it even more ...