Saturday, August 11, 2012


Connemara. Panoramas.
Irlanda es fascinante. Connemara el paraiso. Desde la perspectiva de los cuarenta grados a la sombra, añoro la lluvia y el fresquito de la esquina verde del condado de Galway.
connemara pano

Nubes, ovejas, flores, playas y pueblos con encanto, caballos, barcos coloridos, algas que forman paisajes y montañas forradas de verde, carreteras como las que ya no hay, cielos gris plomizo o azul inimaginable, y frescor mires donde mires. Me encanta Connemara. Desde el momento que pusimos un pie en tierra irlandesa, quedamos enganchados y volvemos inevitabletemente cada año. Y cada vez descubrimos algo nuevo, y siempre nos quedará un ciento de cosas por descubrir.

Ireland is fascinating. Connemara is just paradise. I miss the rain and wind especially now that we are going through a severe heatwave in Spain. 40º C is more that what a limited human being like me can stand. So, yes, I miss the green fresh corner in Galway Co.
Clouds and sheep, flowers and beaches. And picturesque litlle villages. Horses and colourful tiny boats, algae that create microscapes. And mountains, all covered in foam green. Winding roads like those of old lands, dark grey skies or incredibly blue ones. Freshness wherever you breathe. I love Connemara. From the moment we set out feet on Ireland, we fell in love. So much that we can’t help coming back every year.. And there is always something new waiting for us to discover.

paisaje de



cleggan horse

Omey Island


irish beach,


  1. Es el típico paisaje irlandés que siempre imagine! Que lindo que puedas verlo en vivo y en directo! Y muchas gracias por compartirlo!!!

  2. Horse! Lovely shots, I like that you've left the panorama in that form, it looks great.

  3. I love all your photos, great composition. No wonder you keep returning, looks refreshingly green and enticing.

  4. It does look so lovely and lush and green. And what a shock the temperatures in Spain must be for you now! I'm glad you had a great time and good weather as well!

  5. Very beautiful photos!