Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sólo caballos. Only horses.

Desde que llegó mi caballo, ya estoy monotemática: solo se hacer fotos de caballos. De lejos, de cerca, herrando, entrenando, paseando, con gente, sin gente, pero caballos por todos los lados.
Since my horse came here, I have only focus on one thing: horses and only horses. My gallery is full of horses, in the foreground, in the background, having a stroll or training, having their horseshoes made, with or without people, but horses, horses and horses.
she's so beautiful!
right and left
Algún día vuelvo a ampliar un poco mis temas, espero.
I hope one day I will find more subjects again. Or I may not. P52 Sweet Shot Tuesday with Kent Weakley


  1. Lovely, lovely photos and there is nothing wrong with just photographing horses all the time :)) It's all I do anyway (when I'm shooting for myself that is)

  2. Wow, the top one is gorgeous (I'm a sucker for rim-light) and the second is great too. I know people who shoot horses commercially - maybe you should consider a stall at the local horsey events?

  3. Beautiful photos!!!! Absolutely beautiful!

  4. These are gorgeous! They are all so different from one another, that it is hard for me to choose a favorite! :)

  5. The image of the girl feeding the two horses is really excellent. The colours are so vibrant and you have caught the symmetry of the moment perfectly


  6. Beautiful photos - I especially love the one in the middle - the colors, the balance, the symmetry. Very nice.

  7. I love horses and it's wonderful to see your beautiful photo each week.

  8. alaa!! me encanta el contraluz de la primera, tienes que explicarme como se hace porque a mi no me queda tan bien.