Saturday, January 31, 2009

Negative Space: Palacio de Villahermosa

This place is simply amazing.
The Palace, rebuilt, still keeps its old charm, blended with a touch of modern decoration.
Dream with life here, love it.
This morning I took my children to their painting classes there. This window caught my eye.
It is an alabaster window. I was amazed at how the dim light came in through this material. and the texture it produced.

The shot was a SOOC from hubby's Point&Shoot.(panasonic Lumix TZ5).

I gave the shot a second thought and decided I would add a title, and fix those bight points to the sides.
And this was the result:

Then, something was missing: a human presence! I took these two pics of hubby and kids and processed then so that they woul fit ok.

First I selected the shapes, cut them, softened, and desaturated and adjusted brightness. This done,copied and pasted, and added a tad of gaussian blurr.
And that's it!
You may think that posing in front of the window would have been easier. Yeah, it would, the only problem is the window is about 3 metres above my eyes! Not even jumping.
Hope you like it.

Friday, January 30, 2009

And this is my redbubble:
This is my first time blogging!