Friday, July 3, 2009

panography: ballet

This is a "false" panography, as it was made from one single photo.
The process is long, but easy.
Start by duplicating the layer (you will have to duplicate it many times, as many as pieces you want in your finished work).
Then, use your rectangle selection tool, select any part you want, then selection>invert selection> cut or erase, so only the rectangle will remain.
Do the same for all the pieces you want. If you want to rotate any, just right click on the selection> transform selection, will give you the option to make it bigger, rotate it, etc.
The final touch comes with the opacity of each piece: I used different opacities, between 70 and 80%, but experiment.
Trick: to see the pieces tha you've already cut, create a white layer, and hide and show it when you need.
Once finished, flatten the image.
Should you have any questions on this technique, feel free to ask.
Have a nice weekend everybody. Thanks for stopping by.