Sunday, March 27, 2011


Again horses:

1., 2. sweet, 3. Peek-a-boo, 4. potro

Mosaic made in Big Huge Labs: Mosaic Maker.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

What is behind self portraits?

Last year I started a 52 project, which meant taking a self portrait a week. Now, about one year later I'm stuck at thirty something. Probably I will continue or i will start all over again.
But then, thinking about self portraits, many questions come to my mind. Why taking SPs? Well, I never appear in my family photos, as I am the one behind the camera, or when I happen to be in one, I find myself awful! I want to look better! I can look better. And I like to like me.
And then, showing selfies: Do I want to show them? Here there's this duality: On the one hand I am very shy and like to keep my private things for myself; on the other, I like to show what I think is worth showing. The balance between these two positions comes with Flickr: you show yourself in the place where you want to be seen.
So far, so good.
Then one day, one of my colleages at work wanted to see my photos, and I accepted to show him my flickr. He liked my photos very much. But then one day he decided to show them to some other colleages at work. That's when I freaked out and felt absolutely betrayed. I felt overexposed, naked and very disappointed.
I decided not to upload any other selfie, at least as a public image, in any case, only for my friends and contacts.
Am I exaggerating? Maybe I shouldn't feel like this, as I show my self portraits.
Now this is the part of me I want to show:
hiding behind the camera

Here is the link to my 52 interrupted.
Now I will try again to find balance between narcissism and shyness.
What is your attitude to Self Portraits? Do you take SPs? why?

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Featured at Shutter Photo!

I am not very good at words. However hard I try to express my feeling, I cannot find the words to do so. All feeling, emotions, sensations, flow inside my mind, sometimes emerging though pictures, but not though words, although I would love to.
All this relates to my state of joy and happiness to see my picture featured at Shutter Photo, a photagraphy web which I respect and admire.
I felt so honured I can't find the words. So I won't even try. Just imagine.
shutterPhoto (Medium)
The painting in the picture is by Pilar Martínez Carnicer, whose work is full of energy. She loves blue, which she makes herself from pigments.
She is a well known artist. Her technique is very interesting: She prints sketch photgraphs on silk as a basis to start her work. Then she uses acrilic or pigments. Her world is one of great creativity and symbolism.