Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy sheep in Ireland

Ireland must be a paradise for sheep. They look so happy and relaxed, spending their time in eating, sleeping and watching the grass grow around them.
In Ireland I've seen the most amazing sheep , all painted in colors, looking weird; this group reminded me of a punk rock group, posing for their new album:

This second group was having fun at Innishbofin island, they were incredibly nice, friendly and helpful; I felt like a working dog, driving them here and there!
Ireland is ...

I admit I have a crush on them. I love these creatures:
watching the grass grow can be a very stressful job sometimes...

And to contrast, here are pure Spanish sheep, at Don Quixote style:
La Mancha: ovejas y molinos.
They look so different. However all of them make great posing subject, don't you think so?

Sweet Shot Day

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

just the two of us

We left the kids with the rest of the family and had a weekend just the two of us.
It was so therapeutic. Lots of time, lots of relax, lots of calm and walk andlooking at sunsets.
And of course, my nikon, a tripod and here we are, us two.

Processed through Lightroom and One Willow presets. I love all their presets.
Sweet Shot Day

Thursday, July 14, 2011


We have been to beautiful Connemara. The place is so wild that you never get tired of the wonderful surrounding nature.
And a bonus: the pets at Heatherhill. They are cute, they are the cutest pets.
Look at Piggie, Minnie and the hen.

meet Piggie!

There are more: cats and horses.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

bird's view

We officially started our holidays! First thing was lots of laundry, lots of packing and off we go. Destination: Ireland. I think we'll never get tired of going there. The place and the people make me want to change nationality!
On our way there, the bird's eye view from the plane. It was early, very early in the morning, the right time for photography. Indeed:
with the birds we share the lonely view

I must say I am very scared of flying, in fact scared is too soft, the word is terrified!. I fly once or twice a year and I have a very hard time, but ... the view from the plane window is UNIQUE! however hard time I have, I look though the window and the world out there is AMAZING! It works as kinda therapy.

I love Sweet shot at 3boybarians!
Sweet Shot Day