Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy sheep in Ireland

Ireland must be a paradise for sheep. They look so happy and relaxed, spending their time in eating, sleeping and watching the grass grow around them.
In Ireland I've seen the most amazing sheep , all painted in colors, looking weird; this group reminded me of a punk rock group, posing for their new album:

This second group was having fun at Innishbofin island, they were incredibly nice, friendly and helpful; I felt like a working dog, driving them here and there!
Ireland is ...

I admit I have a crush on them. I love these creatures:
watching the grass grow can be a very stressful job sometimes...

And to contrast, here are pure Spanish sheep, at Don Quixote style:
La Mancha: ovejas y molinos.
They look so different. However all of them make great posing subject, don't you think so?

Sweet Shot Day


  1. I love the last with the windmills on the hill. Yes, great posing subjects.

  2. So sweet! Most I like the second with this amazing blue in background :) LG Tina

  3. I like the one with the windmills in the background the best. Great job!

  4. They are very sweet animals, and they have the best views, don't they! Great photos :)

  5. LOVE this!!!!

    i visited ireland two years ago and one of my favorite things was pictures of the sheep. my dreams came true when they were running wild along the ring of kerry. i got a pic of them that I adore!!! :)

    so neat.

  6. Colored sheep are such cool subjects! We don't have many sheep where I live! But I just love the Windmill shot!

  7. Great photos Ana! I love the one with the windmills best.

  8. Sheeps are so sweet but I don't see them very often here in Finland and never been in Ireland but some day I will be:) great photos.

  9. Aw, so cute. I love the second picture best of all. Looks like you are having a great time.
    I spent a year in Ireland as an exchange student when I was seventeen. It's been 10 years and I am still occasionally homesick for Ireland and its people and language. So I'm totally jealous that you got to go there on holiday :)