Thursday, April 28, 2011

My first wedding.

Last weekend I did my first wedding. I must say that it was a family event; I hadn't been hired: The couple asked me to be the photographer of the event.
Everything went out easier than what I had expected.
I got everything ready two days before, cards, battteries, clean lenses, etc, then checked and double checked the night before.

The best:
.First the outcome. I like the resulting photos, well, most of them.
.And second, how it feels to be respected as a pro, or something like that. I just told the orders and everybody was more than willing to do what I said. It was fantastic, especially when you have the family run away when they see you with the camera!
.Yes, the list: I had a *must do* shots, written and recorded in my mind, and yikes! It proved to be so useful!

The worst:
.The responsibility it was. i was a bit scared of not being able to do a good work.
.And second: The huge pile of work that I still have now, processing and preparing the album.

The day was beautiful, the sun was shining. But the time for the event was 12.00, so the session was on location at 13.00. Can you imagine sunshine in Spain at 13.00? yes, too bright. So, for some photos, I combined the originals with some cloudy sky that I had taken the previous week, just because I thought this would happen.
Here is an example of that wedding.
first wedding

Here, I combined a layer with the blue and cloudy sky, and then edited it with one of Florabella's actions, i think Milk and Honey, which I love.

Any criticism will be welcome. Hope you like it!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

tilt shift? No, just scale model trains.

meet me at sunset.
What do you think of this? Looks like supersharp antique warehouse or so. With the help of textures (by Flypaper Textures, btw), the aspect is very realistic, imho.
The thing is my brother is an enthusiast of model trains. He spends hours and tons of patience creating landscapes, stations, rails, everything. It needed being photographed! So cute, so perfect!
Here are some more. I love the tilt-shift effect.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

going green

going green
It may be spring warmth or it may be not.
Nature starts to wake up, and so do many things inside my mind. Feelings that were asleep, sensations that were long forgotten, a need to go faster, further, newer.
And it's hard to manage this awakening. Trying to understand the way, trying to drive feelings, or just letting it grow, as trees and bushes at the touch of spring sunshine.