Saturday, March 31, 2012

Amarillo. Yellow.

Jackie propuso un mes de marzo Amarillo para La Vuelta al Mundo. Me gusta, me da alegría, es enérgico, pero ¿Dónde está, que no lo encuentro? Sólo he empezado a ver amarillo a final del mes, sin embargo, en el mural se han visto cosas espectaculares. Me ha encantado!
Aquí van unas cuantas fotos de archivo y alguna fresca, con el amarillo que he encontrado.

Jackie proposed Yellow as the topic for March at La Vuelta al Mundo. I like Yellow, it makes me happy, it makes me grow stronger but, where is it? I couldn't find yellow anywhere! It was only when the month was about to finish that I started finding beautiful hints of yellow here and there. But check the wall at LVM: It is awesoem, there are gorgeous pictures of yellow, spectacular, inspiring!
Here are some fresh and some archive pictures of yellow.

La forsitia, no podía faltar!
LVM: amarillo
y los chopos en otoño
soft talk of poplar trees
El hinojo
fennel, a spice for Wednesdays.
y un viaje a Ikea:
LVM: amarillo


Happy 100!Sweet Shot Day

Sunday, March 25, 2012

spring everywhere. Rodeada de Primavera.

I love it when it comes. The air is sweet and warm, and they are everywhere: flowers af all hues of pink and white and yellow, so tiny, so perfect.
When spring comes, i walk the streets looking upwards, there is always a new pretty cloud of blossoms waiting for me.

Me encanta cuando llega. El aire se vuelve dulce y cálidito. Y aparecen por todas partes: Flores en todos los tonos imaginables de rosa y blanco, tan diminutas, tan perfectas.
Cuando llega la primavera, no puedo evitar caminar por la calle siempre mirando hacia arriba, ya que siempre encuentro una nubecilla de flores esperando para deleitar mi paseo.


it's time

LVM: amarillo

And I love sharing this with Darcy and all you at Sweet Shot Day

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Getty sold these

I'm so happy today: I opened my report from Getty and it said they had sold SIX of my images. It makes me feel so high!
These are the pictures they sold:

Estoy que me salgo. El informe de Getty me dice que han vendido SEIS de mis fotos. Es gratificante.
Éstas son las fotos:

Sold twice


let's go surf

miss dreamy went walking

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

her poetry

her poetry
She chose my photo for the cover.

misty Tuesday

And I love to share it at Darcy's Sweet Shot Day

Friday, March 9, 2012

still winter

It is still winter, but it is in teh air
looking upwards

not a usual spring
i remember what it was like last year
spring came this morning.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

La Vuelta al Mundo: Círculos

Veo círculos por todas partes,, normalmente. Pero este mes de febrero ha sido un poco puñetero, por trabajo, asuntos familiares, salud, etc. Y mis círculos se han desvanecido.
Como buena chocahólica, me he dado al chocolate para mejorar el panorama, y mira! ahí estaban mis círculos, los bomboncitos... que tuve que compartir con la modelo, que si no se negaba a posar. Mereció la pena.

I see circles everywhere, usually, not now, as this February has been a bit weird: too much work, some family issues, some health ones..., then my circles vanished, I could see none!
But I am a chocaholic, so I abused chocolate to make things look better- should I say taste better?- and there were my circles, those cute round chocolates which I had to share with my model, otherwise she wouldn't pose for me! But it was worth!

Para La vuelta al Mundo, de Jackie Rueda.: