Thursday, October 29, 2009

autumn fruit, textured.

Autumn is here, trees are so beautiful, but I have not had time yet to enjoy my time photographing trees and leaves.
So, at home, I found this treasure: Beautiful pomegranates.
hearts inside

The base is the following

combined with this texture
texture #6
I applied the texture twice, first as it is, then I turned it vertically to create a slight criss cross of lines. For both textures, the blending mode was multiply.
I hope you like the result. Feel free to use this or other textures at my flickr album of textures.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

From my window. Sky.

The wiew from my windows is not spectacular at all, but the sky, oh the sky...
The colors in the early morning are just awesome.
The lines of the houses in front seen as silhouettes look more interesting than in daylight.
d90, love story.

This sky was not processed.

is there anybody out there?

Here I added a gradient layer, purple to pink and then chose blending mode till I liked the result.

love red sky

The clouds made the picture.
I have a passion for skies. Lines, colors, clouds, silhouettes, flares ...
Look up and shoot.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Do you know Amy-Rose?

I first knew about Amy-Rose when I saw her work at Digital-Photography-School. I was fascinated at her creation: the color, the clean lines, ... everything was gorgeous!
Then I tracked her at flickr. Really inspirational work. I love the way she sees the world, so full of color.
Then, the blog. Just have a look and you will agree with me: She is an artist of colorful portraiture. She nails it with kids! Hers are a pair of cuties, by the way!
This is Amy-Rose

Check her blog. You'll love it.

And you can enter her contest for her Taste the Rainbow Actions!