Friday, August 5, 2011

Treasure Hunt

La vuelta al mundo
Round the World is a Flickr group lead by Jackie Rueda. She is one of the sweetest photographers I’ve seen. I love everything she does.
Last July she proposed a Treasure Hunt. Initially, I wasn’t going to follow it, but it got directly to my mind, so I have been thinking of hydrants and Vespas, I just couldn’t help it!
So, here I am, in August, with my cards full of the usual holiday pictures, plus a bridge, a gate, an unknown girl… subconscious fan working for the hunt.
The twelve items were:
1.a hydrant, 2.a bridge, unknown girl, 4.a kiss, 5.a Vespa, 6.a church bell, 7.a letterbox, 8.a shop window, 9.a color door, 10.letters on the floor, 11.street posts or signals, and 12.a gate.

I’ve found all but two: the kiss and the street posts are still to be found!
Here are the rest:
In Ireland I found this beautiful hydrant (then I found some more here and there, but I fell in love with this yellow one!),

the unknown girl was admiring beautiful Kylemore Abbey, in Connemara, where I also found this gate.

These shop windows are in Clifden, a small lively town, full of colors.
The color door is also in Ireland: It is our cosy house at Letterfrack. The letters on the floor, well, not letters, but numbers, at the school playground, I loved the color of this children’s game.
Then, back to Spain, the bridge. The kids had great fun here, at the Pyrenees. Back home, I found this vespa, not the most beautiful one, but I have seen no other!
The church is also in the Pyrenees, I don’t remember if it was in France or in Spain. I was photographing my brother while he was cycling a very hard road!
And the letterbox was in Cantabria, in a rural area full of charm and beauty.

Well, here is my two cent until I find the kiss and the street posts!

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