Sunday, August 21, 2011

colorful flights

We went to The Col de Tourmalet in the south of France. My brother was going to cycle up this hard road to the top and I took photos of him. It was very rewarding for both: He managed to climb it successfully and I took very impressive photos of him. He liked them very much, btw.
On our way down, there were these people flying their colorful glides. The sky was wonderfully blue, and I couldn't help stopping the car and taking some pictures of them.
Here they are. Hope you like them:

I love
Sweet Shot Day


  1. Fantastic photos of the paragliders! My husband started a course to learn to paraglide, he would love to finish it one day.
    Will we see more photos of the views from your day out?

  2. Now that is pretty cool! Looks like fun and you got some grea captures.

  3. Great shots Ana! What a lucky find; glad you were able to stop and get some photos.

  4. Wonderful shots with the clear blue sky in the background. Great !