Tuesday, July 5, 2011

bird's view

We officially started our holidays! First thing was lots of laundry, lots of packing and off we go. Destination: Ireland. I think we'll never get tired of going there. The place and the people make me want to change nationality!
On our way there, the bird's eye view from the plane. It was early, very early in the morning, the right time for photography. Indeed:
with the birds we share the lonely view

I must say I am very scared of flying, in fact scared is too soft, the word is terrified!. I fly once or twice a year and I have a very hard time, but ... the view from the plane window is UNIQUE! however hard time I have, I look though the window and the world out there is AMAZING! It works as kinda therapy.

I love Sweet shot at 3boybarians!
Sweet Shot Day


  1. Oh I love these sorts of photos! I'm still kicking myself for not taking any photos the last time we took an airplane trip.

    Have a lovely vacation!

  2. Lovely photo! I hear you about flying, I'm always terrified and crying when I have to fly as well. But like you, I just do it anyway and I have never regretted it!
    Happy holidays :)