Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Featured at Shutter Photo!

I am not very good at words. However hard I try to express my feeling, I cannot find the words to do so. All feeling, emotions, sensations, flow inside my mind, sometimes emerging though pictures, but not though words, although I would love to.
All this relates to my state of joy and happiness to see my picture featured at Shutter Photo, a photagraphy web which I respect and admire.
I felt so honured I can't find the words. So I won't even try. Just imagine.
shutterPhoto (Medium)
The painting in the picture is by Pilar Martínez Carnicer, whose work is full of energy. She loves blue, which she makes herself from pigments.
She is a well known artist. Her technique is very interesting: She prints sketch photgraphs on silk as a basis to start her work. Then she uses acrilic or pigments. Her world is one of great creativity and symbolism.

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  1. Ana, Congratulations!! That's very exciting news.