Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have just started my fifty-two.
What's that? Flickr group.
Administrated by Wulf or basswulf.
Fifty-two means that you are going to take and upload a selfportrait a week during one year, so fifty-two portraits.
This task compels you to think of new aspects of you, to experiment with tecnique, composition, etc. Your model is not going to complain; and, on the other hand, you are forced to do something most photographers don't like but have to learn: self portraiture, a difficult and sometimes disappointing art, but very gratifying when you start getting good results.
Here is my opening shot,

Cargado originalmente por ana_gr

And the second:

Cargado originalmente por ana_gr

This second shot has a long process behind it:
1-Took image with Panasonic, holding my Nikon
2-As the Nikon wouldn't read the file, opened it in my PC
3-Photographed PC screen with the Nikon
4-Photographed Nikon back screen with Panasonic!

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