Sunday, May 3, 2009

toys to play with... and they are free!

I am very fond of frames and processin through Photoshop, and lately I am starting to experiment with Gimp.
But then, I found something new, free and really fun.
First, the editor that is associated to flickr, which is called Picnik. Most of its options are free, others are offered only for subscribers. I am not, but I have been playing and got some interesting results.
Round corners (to be viewed on white, at flickr, here, on black the effect is spoiled)
some filters
stained glass window
and others: vignetting, adding simple frame, turning to b/w, cropping, adding text... and much more to discover.

Second is Big Huge Labs, also associated to flickr, so that, if you have a flickr account -free or pro- you can edit your photos from and to in a very easy way. But you can also edit photos from and to your computer.
The options are very interesting. I love frames, the polaroid is gorgeous.
aiming high
and today I tried this:
#9!52: work, work, work ...
Here I combined both tools: Big HugeLabs made the composition in pieces from a single photo (Hockneyizer) and the words were added in Picnic.

Try these two toys. You will sure like them.
(PS:Happy mother's day, mothers.)

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  1. Great tips! I will have to play with both, sounds like fun!