Thursday, May 5, 2011

adding a cotton cloud sky

Some weeks ago I was the photographer at a wedding. I chose the place for posing: a wild park with trees, green grass and sky. The problem was it was 13.00, the sun was shining and there was too much light. It was either the couple or the sky.
I knew this would happen, so the previous week I had been taking some blue-sky-with-cotton-clouds shots to combine with the couple's shots.
I opened the clouds in Photoshop
Then control+A to mark the complete picture, Control+D to select it and Control+C to copy it.
I had opened the couple picture, and then Control+V to paste those clouds as a new layer:
Then just played with opacity, moved the layer to where I wanted the clouds to be, erased the part on the bride and groom, andthe result was just what I wanted it to be.
I had fun, because the process was super easy.
Here is the cople with the fake clouds, plus an action bly Florabella.
first wedding
And here is the cloudy sky:

Feel free to download and use the cloudy sky. I will be more than happy if you find it useful.Clicking on the picture will take you to my Flickr page, where you can download it.
Thanks for reading! Here are the instructions to download the file: The file is here

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  1. this is really great!! i really want to read more of your blog but the black background is really hurting eyes..