Friday, October 14, 2011

what I am today

Vicki asked where our creative minds come from.
Well, i've been thinking about it. I remembered my childhood. My head and my hands were always doing something. I remember sewing dolls, crafting things, knitting, scrapbooking. Fabrics were superb. I used to go with my aunt to her dressmaker's. It was gorgeous!
But then, there was photography. My dad used to take many photos and that's the only way I can remember some old times. I keep those albums, sometimes I look at them, and I find so much inspiration there. I remember my dad's camera, and how much i always liked his photos.


  1. I love this Ana! Wonderfully styled and I love the colors! My photography was also inspired by my dad. I think I wanted to take my own photos because I enjoyed seeing slideshows of our family vacations so much.

  2. love the way you put this together, and the title of your post is perfect!!

  3. Ana, this is perfect! So sorry I didn't comment earlier. I didn't realize you had posted this. You did a wonderful job and it was so nice learning more about you! xo