Sunday, November 20, 2011

hometown: Atelier assignment.

First, everything had to be planned: coffee, maps, notebook.
LR_-5954 (Large)
Second coffe, vanilla flavored, and I am ready.
LR_-5951 (Large)

It was rainy, but nice. I love the reflection and the light
DSC_6065c (Large)

Some places I don't usually visit, but I like the slight decay there.
LR_-6080 (Large)

some beautiful colors
LR_-6030 (Large)

and some details
LR_-6058 (Large)
LR_-6033 (Large)

I still have a ton of places to visit and shoot!


  1. Ana, I LOVE that photo of the square with the reflections in the rainy pavement, WOW!