Sunday, January 29, 2012

six words

This is not easy, the 52 with Kim Klassen is high level!
First it is the image, then the pocessing, then the texture, then the text to wrap all the meaning!
The image is a tree, edited in Lightroom, using one of pretty presets action (I don't remember which, they are all beautiful), the te texture, by Kim Klassen in Photoshop, blended in multiply mode, then the text written on it using my beautiful Bamboo fun tablet.
It was difficult, but it was fun.
love life like it is now
The six words I wrote on the picture were "love life like it is now"


  1. There are definitely a lot of elements to put together, but you did a beautiful job, Ana!

    I have a Bamboo tablet, too, but I haven't used it much :~/

  2. Te ha quedado preciosa Ana! Yo segu´el curso de Kim Klassen, pero la verdad es que iba un poco perdida. Creo que aprendí más inglés que otra cosa...jajaja (más que nada porque no hablo inglés y acabé los videos entendiendo bastantes cosas, aunque si no hubiera sabido cñomo trabajar con texturas, creo que no me habría enterado de nada...)