Monday, September 29, 2014

otra vez otoño. Autumn is back

Se me pasa el tiempo volando, tan deprisa que casi me da vértigo todo lo que no he hecho y quería hacer. Tras un verano amable, ya volvemos a estar en un otoño tan bonito como nos tiene acostumbrados; esa luz tan especial, la calidez, los dorados. El bosque huele a otoño y setas. Y me encanta.
wine autumn light.
autumn blues
Time flies; it goes so fast that I have the feeling of losing opportunities to do things I was really looking forward to. Summer was nice and friendly, but it soon brought us fall, so beautiful as we are used to. That warm light, those special colors; walking in the woods brings the scent of Autumn and mushrooms and rain. And I love it.

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  1. Time does go way too fast! Sometimes you just want to hold on to it to savour the moments a bit more. Gorgeous fall photos!