Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's gonna be cold...

... not so cold as it was a few weeks ago, but ...

Do you want to see how temperature dropped dramatically? Keep on reading:

It all started in the kitchen:
In Photoshop, I extracted myself from the kitchen, using filter> extract.

Now the shape can be isolated. I copied it using the magic wand and inverting the selection.

Then pasted the shape on the other photo, the plastic window of my freezer drawers:

Then,flipped horizontally and the blending of layers. I chose multiply blending mode.

Added one more layer, to provide a bit of foggy atmosphere:

I am addicted to Gaussian blur, so I duplicated the layer with myself, and applied filter>blur>gaussian blur, and blended the layer in multiply too.

And finally, the frame: Select with rectagle, copy and paste on new layer, then fusion options, shadow and bisel.


  1. that is soo cool!
    I don't exactly have photoshop but I do have Elements
    can you do the same thing on that program?
    I'm currently still trying to use Photoshop Elements and if you know anything that could help me that would be wonderful!
    Thank you!
    this is amazing!

  2. Yep, Elements is really powerful, and a very good tool to start with, in fact I used to work with it before upgrading to cs3.
    The selecting tools are the same, blending modes too. It's got the basics, and sometimes that's enough.