Sunday, February 22, 2009


I admit I have a soft spot for textures. I collect shots of textures for two reasons: First, because I like them, and second, to combine them as backgrounds.
Look at this:

It is the result of combining these two:

Hi, it's me

The important thing about textures is the blending mode.
The process here was the following:
First I opened the texture file, then the portrait. I copied the portrait on to the texture, on a separate layer. I liked the effect of the second being smaller than the texture, and so creating the effect of a frame.
And then I simply chose the blending mode for the portrait:

Experiment with all the modes, it's worth. Sometimes the results are amazing, and unexpected.
Hope you enjoyed this post.

PS: Check KKH Photos for superb examples of textured portraits.You will like Karen's work.

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